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We are an enthusiastic team of fitness instructors who are passionate about empowering others to live their best lives. When you can't get to the studio in person, join us here. We've got you covered. With classes ranging in intensity from high to low-impact, length from 10 mins to 60 mins and style from barre to full body mat based workouts - we've got something for everyone. And you'll get additional support from us in our private Barre Body Studio Facebook group, where we come together to offer encouragement and support.

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At BBS we're all about:

tough love {noun}

To encourage self-resilience out of compassion.

We meet at the barre (virtually of course), stepping up together, finding strength in numbers and in ourselves. We’re better together, better each time we show up - again and again.

Your practice makes you stronger, your body transforms. Building physical proof of what’s possible when you try. When you invest your time and energy in a class you see guaranteed results. Our highly trained staff take you through a challenging workout. It’s not easy. It’s all kinds of rewarding.

We stay open to change, evolution, growth. We are committed to bringing you fresh new content every single day. We support one another in strength, encouragement, mind, body, and spirit. Pick the perfect class for you; we are so glad you’re here.

Barre and Mat Based Classes:

We get it, most of you don’t have a barre at home and are working with a countertop, chair, couch or wall for stability. Our barre and mat based classes are created with the at-home or traveling business person in mind. Our classes are sure to sculpt, tone and define your muscles regardless of the use of equipment such as weights, resistance bands or pilates balls. While our instructors may work with these props during the classes, you will be able to get that famous barre-burn by just using your body weight – promise.

Barre Body on the GO!


Empower your mind and body


Tone your core, glutes, arms and legs


Increase your energy in 15 mins or less

We are passionate fitness enthusiasts committed to keeping you moving with a variety of workout videos for all fitness levels.

Get to know Barre Body OnDemand

Check out the blocks below to meet our team, experience a trial class, order props online and read up on some of our most frequently asked questions.

Tribe Testimonials

Here's what our tribe has been saying about our On Demand workouts:

I love the mix of videos, the short ones, and regular classes. The short videos are awesome, because it has let me vary it up, mix and match 3 smaller ones to focus on what I missed with the other videos. Thank you for all your hard work, I love connecting online in the Facebok group and seeing what my barre peeps are doing.

Claudia S.

I love the options for choosing what feels right for me on certain days and the shorter classes if needed. Keep doing what you are doing to inspire, motivate, encourage, and uplift each one of us for us and our loved ones at home with us now.

Anita T.

The on demand platform is AWESOME!! It has been such a gift during this crazy time. I’m able to join from my home, at any time, and with lots of different choices of workouts and teachers. My favorite part is the variety of classes and most of all, the different length of classes. I love the 15 minute options , 20, 30, 40, 60 mins and choosing arms, abs, booty! I also love the private BBS Facebook group!

Suzanne J.

I LOVE the online platform! Being able to get in a solid workout has been so important for both my physical and mental health and it's nice to be able to connect with the BBS community. I like the flexibility to do the class that I want at a time that works with my schedule. I also really like having the short videos that focus only on cardio and core.

Samantha H.




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